Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn

The Governing Body

We, the members of the Governing Body of the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn, exist to lead the DOGD in order to perform the work of teaching, promoting, fostering, preserving, and developing the DOGD, its work, and its curriculum The Celtic Golden Dawn (CGD), and directly related works of John Michael Greer including The Encyclopedia of Natural Magic, The Coelbren Alphabet, The Mysteries of Merlin, The Litany of the Tree of Life, and any future magic curriculum or practices compatible with the Order’s work and the CGD.  To increase and encourage opportunities to aid members and each other in magical growth; provide a forum for the discussion of problems, requirements and goals, use our individual, collective, and leadership skills in ways that will strengthen the Order and build a superior level of confidence performing the work of the Order.  We, the GB, in turn shall ensure our professional and personal demeanor is such, as to guarantee the rights, privileges and responsibilities for all members of the Order in good standing in accordance with our Bylaws.  We affirm, both jointly and individually, that we will strive to place the reputation and core values of the Order above our own personal interests in performing our duties and carrying out our obligations.

Our Governing body consists of three Archdruids and two Bard and or Druid member advisors.

Archdruid and Chief Druid - Dean Smith

Dean is a longtime member and leader of several western esoteric and fraternal communities. He has been studying and practicing ceremonial magic for over 12 years. He joined the DOGD as an Aspirant in 2014. He initiated into the Ovate Grade in 2015, the Bardic Grade in 2018, and the Druid Grade in 2021. He is also a 32nd degree Freemason (Grand Lodge of the state of California, and Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction). As well as a Bardic Grade member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.

Archdruid and Chief Bard - Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas discovered the Celtic Golden Dawn in the Summer of 2013, joined the Order a few months later, and has been practicing its system of magic ever since. Beyond the DOGD and the Golden Dawn more generally, he has also studied traditional Chinese martial arts, medicine and energetic practices; traditional Western medicine and herbalism; Western astrology and astrological magic; Neoplatonism and Platonic philosophy; and Christian esotericism.

Archdruid and Chief Ovate - Pauline

I began my journey with the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn (DOGD) through the Ceremonial Magic, ten years ago. I had decided to make it all the way to an initiated druid. Not knowing if it was possible.

I live in the Southern Hemisphere, in Western Australia. Being so far away from most of our members, felt isolating and as if I was a solitary druid at the same time.

Learning so many techniques early on as an Aspirant, laid down the blueprint, layering on a strong foundation for the next grades.

My life was and is, even more than I could have expected. It is fun with lots of work, rituals with more study.

As a member of the governing body of DOGD. We, as a team, work towards giving our members extra curriculum to suit the grade for the development and experience.

I have much gratitude towards the founders of The Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn.

Advisor - Val

Val has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Reiki for a decate before he discovered druidry and western esoteric methods. He joined DOGD in 2017 and, since then, Celtic Golden Dawn is his spiritual home.


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