Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn


Our curriculum and text book is The Celtic Golden Dawn by John Michael Greer. Below are links to that book and some of his additional books that are compatible and are additional material for our work. Members also get access to further rituals, knowledge lectures, and practices via our member’s only Dreamwidth community. Our Dreamwidth Community is also where our members can talk shop with each other and ask questions regarding the curriculum.

The Celtic Golden Dawn

"A century ago, groups descending from the famed Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn fused the occult lore of the Western magical tradition with the nature spirituality of the Druid Revival. They invoked Pagan Celtic powers instead of Judeo-Christian names and symbols. Respected occult author and archdruid John Michael Greer has recreated a complete magical system based on the Celtic Golden Dawn traditions. This new book provides students with a complete curriculum of Druidical magic and occult wisdom, including training in ceremonial magic, meditation, pathworking, divination, geomancy, and herbal alchemy, allowing self-initiation into the three degrees of Ovate, Bard, and Druid. It features spectacular magical techniques for such things as invisibility, etheric shapeshifting, and conjuring spirits." - from the Llewellyn website

The Litany of the Tree of Life

"This book is intended for daily use as an alternative to the form of discursive meditation taught in the knowledge lectures of the Order of the Golden Dawn, and specifically for those who are engaged in intensive study of the Cabalistic Tree of Life. It may also be found suitable for practice on a more occasional basis, such as once per week, as a helpful addition to the regular meditations taught by the Order.

"A litany such as this falls somewhere in the space between ritual and meditation. Like a meditation, it works primarily with consciousness rather than with the subtle energies directed in magic; like magic, it is in some sense a performance, in which performer and audience are one. Meditative attention on the symbols and concepts is important for the litany to have its proper effect, but so are the vocal and performative dimensions that give magic its power. Regular practice will teach each initiate to find a personally appropriate balance between these themes." - from the publisher's website.

Coelbren: Traditions, Divination Lore, and Magic of the Welsh Bardic Alphabet - Revised and Expanded Edition

"Reveal the secrets of the esoteric druidic alphabet and unlock its potential as a powerful magical tool. Writing systems have been used for magical power and mystical insight in spiritual history throughout history, and the Coelbren Alphabet is no different. Originally devised by a famous Welsh poet, the Bardic Alphabet, known as the Coelbren, has always seemed to hold great promise in the esoteric world. But because of its impenetrable nature, the capacity of the Coelbrean Alphabet as a system of divination has remained hidden, simply a relic of a bygone era. However, in this revised and expanded edition of his classic book John Michael Greer illuminates the power of the Alphabet and shows you how to implement it to full effect in your magical studies. The book provides the name of each letter, alongside the Welsh keyword, meaning, symbolism and pronunciation as well as the divinatory interpretation of each letter, showing readers how to use this unique system for divination and magic. It also provides sample readings, scrying, meditation techniques and tips for making your own Coelbren set. The new edition includes a chapter on gematria, as well as expanded chapters on the symbolism and magic of the alphabet." - from the publisher's website.

The Mysteries of Merlin

"This innovative system of self-initiation into ceremonial magic provides you with powerful rituals based on the life stages of the great wizard Merlin. Featuring eight full ceremonial workings to perform throughout the year for each of the three degrees, this exceptional guide deepens your spirituality and connects you to mysteries passed down across the ages.

"Join John Michael Greer as he presents a wealth of information on Merlin's life and legends. Explore ancient initiations and how they're connected to Celtic deities. Even if you have no experience with Druid magic, Greer's detailed instructions, meditations, and exercises make it easy to start your journey or enhance your spiritual path in exciting ways. By marrying Golden Dawn magic with Celtic Paganism, this impressive work unlocks vital wisdom for your modern practice." - from the publisher's website.

The Encyclopedia of Natural Magic

"Natural magic is the ancient and powerful art of using material substances - herbs, stones, incenses, oils, and much more - to tap into the hidden magical powers of nature, transforming your surroundings and yourself.Not just a cookbook of spells, The Encyclopedia of Natural Magic provides an introduction to the philosophy and ways of thought underlying this system. It also gives detailed information on 176 different herbs, trees, stones, metals, oils, incenses, and other substances, and offers countless ways to put them to magical use. With this book and a visit to your local herb store, rock shop, or your backyard garden, you're ready to enter the world of natural magic." - from the publisher's website.